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Please, recommend a basic laptop model that you can guarantee will work, and I'll try that. I really, really want this to work!

Thinkpads. Even a lowly X30, and up from there an X31, X40T, X60, T61, and X201. Oh, and an Ideapad S10 and a Samsung N100. No problems really, although the X3xes and the S10 (with only 2G memory) are a bit sluggish, even with Mint XFCE. The N100 has a SSD, and is quite workable. But no actual problems with any of them installing or running Mint (the others run Mint Mate).

Dell is OK, and even offers machines preinstalled with Ubuntu, so Mint should be fine on those too. A ten year old Dell Latitude that was my work laptop is still running fine as far as I know.

Stay away from Acer. Unless you're wielding an axe or sledgehammer.

Note that all but the X3xes were installed by my GF, who started using Linux two and a half years ago. The only assistance required was with partitioning the harddisk, and that was mainly because Mint does not (yet) offer a predefined partitioning scheme using a separate home partition. Which saves a lot of effort if you ever have to reinstall the OS, or want to install a different distro (replacement or multiboot).

Regarding online help: It doesn't help that googling "Linux Mint 18 (problem description)"

Try the Linux Mint forum

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