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Luckily, I don't have this issue since we have OUR OWN Android OS which we rebuilt from SCRATCH which redirect's all IP requests and file open/save requests to sandboxed files which we can examine at ANY time to see where there are going and what is being saved.

In a CUSTOM version of Android you just redirect ALL file open/write/read/close requests and ALL IPV4/V6 data rads/writes to custom memory locations and REMAP storage requests to custom files which can be moved and/or examined and/or deleted at any time!

Any APPS we install will work as normal and since we even create our own version of JAVA/JS where we can ENSURE everything such as location data, hardware and BIOS access is simply STRIPPED OUT or redirected...It's actually not that hard to do and once your codebase is set you only need to update it whenever a new version of Android comes out.

Yes! A "normal" company would NOT do that but since we ARE NOT a normal company, we have the coders and hardware tech engineers and gurus who can do stuff like that! We STILL use Facebook and many applications BUT it's on OUR TERMS ONLY since WE rewrote the Base Android OS, teh phone BIOS and the JAVA JIT engine AND the HTML5 browser engines from SCRATCH !!!

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