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Still use it

After abandoning Demon's Turnpike for Windows I still use Eudora after nearly 15 years. It's lightning fast and besides, I still like to compose mail offline on my main PC. I can back it up instantly or reinstall it with drag and drop. I can just about forgive the UTF-8 charset bug that smashes up some emails but that's become an embarrassment. Worst thing is how many of my recipient's see shonky Times New Roman message bodies although I see eg Verdana. You used to be able to coax it into fetching Gmail once you patched the QCSSL.dll and it could sort of handle Live mail, but configuring secure sockets every day/ week made all that unrewarding. Gradually it is falling apart, bit by bit. I would be over the moon if it could be brought up to date as a modern offline Windows email client with none of the Outlook bloat.

I really can't decide whether to stump up £1,000 over the rest of my career for Microsoft Office 365.

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