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Re: This is no doubt a noble calling, but is it what industry actually needs?

is it what industry actually needs?

No, no, and thrice no.

As somebody with a technical background, now working in a senior role with a multi-million customer business famed for its IT-ineptitude, I can tell you want we need.

I want a product that works on-prem with my data (to avoid other people's GDPR or commercial vulnerabilities). On site SaaS or fuck off, please.

I want clear, measurable results on my KPIs - like reducing churn, innovating new products, reducing customer service costs while increasing customer satisfaction. Any amount of insight is worthless unless it affects my company's commercials.

I want payment on results, or LDs for my wasted time and the vendor's dishonest promises. Do it, prove it, and I'll pay you - otherwise get on your bike.

And I don't want my senior management bogged down in either SLA discussions, or micro-definitions of the problem or the algorithm. All that stuffs YOUR problem, AI vendors.

Deliver me good results, I'll pay. Deliver me the sort of recommendations that I could guess at, or the sort of "you bought a shoe tree, would you be interested in these other shoe trees?" and I'll conclude that AI is dead end designed to squeeze the gullible.

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