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"normal" programming

... where an algorithm is developed, tested and released as a product.

What decade (Century? Millennium?) was this posted from. How are Wham doing those days?

"Normal Programming" as she is practiced today rarely involve algorithms, and pretty much ignores testing other than the "user presses button A and, usually (sometimes?) B happens". _Very_ little "User presses somewhere near the margin of button A, or to early, or too late, What happens?", and almost never "User is attempting to Get Shit Done on some machine which differs in some miniscule detail (OS version, or w.x.y release of one of the hundred dynamic libraries, rather than w.x.z) from the exact setup used by the developer on the day the 15 minutes of testing were done, if done at all.

"Normal Programming" involves picking a couple libraries with snappy names (possibly only considered snappy by the PHB) and asking "Will it blend?"

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