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I switched a long time ago.

Started playing with Linux back in the late 90's shortly after I had played with DOS/Win 3.1 and settled on win 98 and up on PC's that I built myself as a teen by reading up in the library (no internet or computer access outside of school).

I played with all aspects of Linux from installing a different distro regularly to building kernels and my own custom live systems running off bootable floppies. I was in heaven! I almost ate man pages for breakfast. Windows and DOS paled in comparison and I wondered how they were considered operating systems when they came with basically nothing more than notepad and paint.

Anyway I soon realised I was no longer dual booting to windows. I came home from uni, switched on the pc, booted linux (it did it by default), opened XawTV which let me watch TV on my PC (Fresh Prince and Buffy were on BBC 2) while eating some dinner and doing coursework (slowly as Buffy was followed by Farscape). I even would browse teletext on it, watch VHS tapes and DVD's.

It must have been about 3 months before I realised I hadnt booted windows once. I only realised this when I HAD to boot windows, to play a windows game.

So to this day all my machines except 1 run only Linux (I intend on playing with FreeBSD and Haiku again). That single 1 machine dual boots windows and linux and windows is used only booted to play windows games or use sony vegas.

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