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MS certainly had a much better track record though, back during XP days. I certainly don't remember an XP service pack causing this amount of problems so often.

And wasn't the fall update, the creators update and a few in between just as bad? Wasn't one update a test update that accidentally got released and bricked a few million machines?

On release didn't windows 10 have serious issues with drivers? Even now there are blogs dedicated to what to do to turn off Windows 10 things just to make GFX work. (I know as I have had to go through them to make Nvidia GFX work so things go full screen and not windowed)

MS has fallen very far behind where it used to be liked and trusted.

I have used Linux for ten years and only had 1 failed update by comparison. that was a Kernal problem with Dell native drivers and it killed the WIFI and bluetooth drivers - in Ubuntu 14.04. They are so rare I even know when and what it was.

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