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> SLAAC will never exist on anything I control if I have any say in the matter

Then you're not using any Android devices, which still doesn't support DHCP6

I agree that SLAAC sucks, but there is one valid use case: on home networks with dynamic addressing. If the line drops and reconnects, you need to renumber your devices very quickly, which would mean extremely short lease times if using DHCP6.

Now you say, surely IPv6 has enough address space to give everyone a static allocation? It certainly does, but dynamic addressing is not due to shortage of address space: it's due to route aggregation.

When a user disconnects and reconnects, their session may terminate on a different BRAS. To avoid route flaps in the ISP's core network, the subscriber gets an address out of a larger pool which is routed to each BRAS. So if you change your BRAS, you must get a different address.

For business customers who require static addresses then usually this involves L2TP tunnelling the session to another BRAS. This makes providing static IP services more expensive (additional equipment).

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