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"Frequently freezes, on a laptop with 3GB of RAM. No informative spinner/hourglass, it just freezes until it decides it's finished. Top and system monitor don't show anything hogging resources."

Never had any performance issues on an i3-4330 with 4GB RAM using the integrated graphics chip. Hell, it runs quickly as a VM within Windows on my i7-4600U (dual-core).

"I opened a hi-res image with the Image Viewer. It displayed the image, then hung, then rebooted the PC"

Never had that, even opening 70MB 36MP JPEGs

"mintbackup uses a tar file, so can't back up more than 4.3 GB"

It can also do directory copies and zip files - just pick the option. From memory, I don't think it can do incremental backups, which is a bigger issue for me.

"Oh, and Timeshift as a restore tool? How about something that can do backups AND restores? Both data and system?"

It's a *system restore* tool for getting the OS back to a working state - for data use the data backup tool. I know some people want a tool to do everything, but realistically backing up the OS and data separately is a better idea as they change at differing rates, are typically vastly different sizes, logically not inter-dependent, etc

"Installing packages supposedly tested on Mint is very hit & miss. Sometimes an install hangs, sometimes it fails."

Literally never had this.

"Say what you want about my (lack of) skills, but no way is Linux usable by end users."

My retired, computer-illiterate, parents have been using it for 3 years, with no issues and no help from me.

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