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...And do people who voted for Trump, or for Farage, ever wonder how someone like Hitler could ever have gotten into power? Off-topic, I know, but I think we should be told....

Odd, that. You see, the people who vote for Trump or Farage are WELL aware of how someone like that gets into power. They do it by telling the people that the 'other side' presents a huge threat and that the whole country would be in peril if they elected the Weimar coalition, or left the EU...

Then they present themselves to the Establishment as the only group standing in the way of chaos, while undertaking smear campaigns designed to present their opponents as 'working with the enemy' - much like Clinton did, and the Democrats are still doing....

Finally, they put a set of laws in place which are designed to stifle any opposition to their policies - indeed, make it illegal to oppose them. Much like the current anti-sexism, racism and Hate laws that we have today. Which means that they can harrass and imprison oponents perfectly legally, until they end up with a one-party state. Much like the EU is doing with Hungary and Poland.

There. You have been told. The people who voted for Trump and Farage already knew. Perhaps you should start to wonder?

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