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First - I have experienced issues of locking with Ubuntu and lubuntu 18.04. I suspect you would have the same issue with Mint 18.

I have been using Ubuntu 12.04, then 14.04, then 16.04 and also lubuntu 16.04 without issue on several home computers and a home server. I also use Ubuntu/lubuntu 16.04 for a couple business servers and backup systems. If you have to run Windows for some reason, such as the 'wife unit' and any programs that you just have to have Windows, put in a virtual machine using Virtualbox. My wife is more comfortable with Windows. I make a snapshot of the Windows VM's about once a month. If ever hit by a virus, or I suspect there could have been a virus installation attempt, I just restore to the snapshot I want to go back to. The process takes only a few seconds and will get you exactly to the state the VM was in when the snapshot was made. This came in handy when Win 10 rel 1803 recently installed and broke my wife's installation. Just a simple click stop the VM and restore to the last snapshot, reboot - job complete. I manually installed 1803 from the disk iso later without problem.

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