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@ZeroSum: "No ISP charges for IPv6. Customers will not pay for as it."

OK, there isn't a separate item "IPv6", with an item cost, it is part of service package, and only the top level package includes IPv6. For example, I got this answer from one local ISP in Dec 2016 (contract length 24 months, I'll be shopping around at the end of this year again):

"For your information, the broadband service that we currently can provide is IPv4 and there is no planning for migrating IPv6.

By the way, we can provide Secure DIA Premium Always on service (using IPv4) which is able to support IPv6."

There are 3 levels of service package, the monthly pricing I was offered:


4M/4M, 8 fixed IPv4 addresses HK$698

1G/1G, 1 fixed IPv4 address (free O365 license, laser printer) HK$648

Secure DIA Always on

(no quote)

Secure DIA Premium Always on

10M/10M 16 fixed IPv4 addresses, IPv6 HK$3500

20M/20M 16 fixed IPv4 addresses, IPv6 HK$4300

30M/30M 16 fixed IPv4 addresses, IPv6 HK$4600

The DIA services include guaranteed international bandwidth, mean-time-to-repair, proactive fault management and network management.

So do you think the infrastructure they have to support 1G broadband is not capable of supporting IPv6? If it is capable, they could roll out IPv6 at minimal cost. I conclude that they choose not to because, for them, squeezing the customers who really need it is more important that supporting the transition to IPv6. For me, IPv6 is a desirable feature, not a pay 5x as much essential requirement.

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