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My phone is full of unwanted apps

I'm pissed off with my android phone constantly telling me that it's running out of memory and that I need to transfer apps and data to the SD card. Which has over 15 GB free. The phone would have enough left of its own 8 GB if it weren't for the plethora of installed apps that I can't remove. Why the frog would I want to watch video on a screen that small? I don't want the YouTube app but I can't get shot of it. I've no freaking idea what the Google app does apart from open itself spontaneously now and again.

I want a Linux phone that I have full control over with no apps and everything online accessed through the browser of my choice. Google, Sony and EE have more control over my phone than I do and that really pisses me off. I don't put up with Microshaft and HP controlling my PC...

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