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Xiaomi the way: Hyped Chinese giant begins its battle for Britain


They're very good phones, (at least the two I've had, have been), but the camera's are poor (no idea if it's the lens or something else), but screen is pretty good.

Current year old unit :

Dual SIM, deca-core, 64GB storage and 4GB RAM for less than £200, with infra-red and a finger print reader on the rear (where it makes more sense) as you unlock as you pick it up. (infra-red is essential when wife hides the remote, or at those trade shows where there is no remote for the screens).

Unfortunately you can only have data active via one SIM at a time, but you can switch quickly and easily, and you can turn SIM's off too if you are travelling or want privacy.

It is also possible to encrypt the device.

Flexible, powerful, cheap ... what's not to like ?

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