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T-Mobile & IPv6

> Again though we see human persuasion at work here: someone persuaded T-Mobile USA that rather than go with IPv4 equipment, they should make the jump to IPv6 and then back port to IPv4.

> T-Mobile USA is known for having a CEO who is focused on shaking up the mobile market and has gone out of his way to identify and promote small gaps in that market as a way of building up customers. In other words, the company is not only open-minded but is actively seeking an edge in the market.

This is a fairly fanciful tale; while I fully acknowledge Mr. Legere's unorthodox business acumen, T-Mobile US's IPv6 initiative predates his time as CEO by at least two years -- I was part of their closed IPv6 beta program (as a customer) at least a year prior.

While he may well have accelerated the initiative upon taking the helm, the decision to start lies with other people inside the business, some of whom are well-known in IPv6 advocacy circles.

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