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You'll be showing us your snapchat shot of the other side of the Moon to prove this?

And if it's like you say, why did the NASA ground crews speak of the "communications blackout" when the space craft went to the part we never see? Eh? Eh?

Pauses to smooth down hair and regain control

Absent a spaceship with a camera, no-one on the Earth will ever see the backside of the Moon, and when they *can* see the Moon, the other side is always dark because the Sun is shining on the part we *can* see.

So you may be right half the time, but it is the half when no-one cares. No-one at all. No-one suddenly sits up at their desk in the middle of the day and thinks "the far side of the moon may be fully lit right now" because no-one really thinks about the moon unless:

a) They can see it - far side dark.

2) They are watching Space 1999 or 2001 A Space Odyssey on the telly - not the real Moon; doesn't count

+) They are paid to think about the Moon - same crowd who re-named Pluto not a planet; beneath contempt

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