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IPv6 growth is slowing and no one knows why. Let's see if El Reg can address what's going on

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Phew, a bit of front-line common sense. I had to check for a moment to ensure I was actually on ElReg as it seems the commentards aren't getting this at all.

Considering we've all been banging on about net neutrality for ages, even though people on this side of the pond give less than an airborne fornication for the US and its rules, this seems a little strange. What about peer neutrality? It was - and still should be, although I don't know how far up the tree the AOLers have been promoted at this point - one of the things that made the Internet possible. And by "internet" I don't mean the Big Blue E™ but the free exchange of ideas and knowledge and the free choice of protocols and infrastructure over which to do so.

Now I hear that not only is there a risk of a two-tier system emerging, it's actually happening. I know PlusNet trialled CG-NAT a while ago but I seem to recall it was dropped. Sadly, exactly the same thing happened to IPv6, it was trialled and then they bottled out.

If we want a world where the same bunch of corporate robber barons who micromanage our lives also control the only sites to which we can connect with our second-class connections, carry on ignoring IPv6.

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