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@Teiwas, @Jason et al.

I know. I was being flippant. Perhaps I should have added the joke icon? But it amused me to think that someone might get themselves a set of false teeth in addition to their own real teeth.

As an aside, and in the UK (Germany may have been different), it was quite common in the 1920s and 1930s for aristocrats to have their real gnashers removed for very little reason in order that they could have false teeth instead and for preference. The false teeth were whiter, shinier, and straighter than the real deal. So if, for example, you needed to have a few teeth removed (your freak cycling accident for example), you might actually choose to have the others whipped out as well in order to gain the perfect smile.

It’s a strange world - but, I suppose, not so very much stranger than getting injected with botulinum toxin, or having bags of silicone surgically inserted into your body.

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