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I'd forgotten all about Yandex Zen - I found out how to disable (or at least hide) it soon after it appeared. Looking now, I can't see any trace of it anywhere; I note the phone is on Android 7.1.2 so I wonder if WileyFox removed it in that update? If they did, it rules out Yandex Zen because I triggered a very brief change in the apps that show up in my ad preferences on Facebook a couple of weeks ago when experimenting.

But if not - if it's still there and I'm just not seeing it - then that could easily be the real answer.

My actual suspicion was TrueCaller - another piece of absolute crap that appeared in the same update as Yandex Zen, can't be disabled, and replaced a perfectly good contact manager/dialler.

Its privacy policy contains this gem:

"By accepting the TrueCaller Privacy Policy and/or using the Services you consent to the collection, use, sharing and processing of personal information as described herein."

However, since it was foisted on WileyFox owners with no real choice (short of rooting phones and dealing with it that way), there is no option but to consent. Further down, it says:

"When you install and use the Services, TrueCaller will collect personal information from you and any devices you may use in your interaction with our services. This information may include e.g." followed by a list that includes "applications installed on your device".

There is a new privacy policy coming into force on (you guessed it) 25th May - and in the installation and use section, it still says the same.

Under the circumstances, I can only read it as "Since you use a phone on which TrueCaller has been forced on you, TrueCaller will collect..."

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