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Hmmm... I connect via AT&T Uverse at home. I've had IPv6 for at least two years now. I didn't have to do anything to get IPv6; they remote-upgraded the modem/router/wireless/tv thing's firmware early one Sunday morning, and on rebooting the device I had IPv6. Since then they've sent out a new modem/router/wireless/tv thing (black instead of silver) which had IPv6 running from the start. I've got a Mac mini running Snow Leopard Server (the last of the real server systems from Apple) and a homebrew Winbox running WinServer 2012 R2, upgraded from 2012, upgraded from 2008 R2, all WinServer versions free courtesy of Microsoft Dreamspark/Imagine/whatever-it's-called-now. DNS and DHCP are on the Mac, AD is on the WinServer (yes, I'm running AD at home. Doesn't everyone?) and have had no problems.

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