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Immediate kill in our house

Any Android device is used only after Facebook has been killed with extreme prejudice.

1. It has an abominable level of access to your phone - more than google's own apps. I have dumped the permissions in human readable format before - have a read:

2. It used to go into a tailspin without you having an account and use 100% CPU in some versions. So disabling it was a requirement if you did not have a f***book account.

3. Even if you do not have an account some versions still register as attempting to talk to mothership in an app level firewall in Android. So it is guilty of data collection until proven innocent even if you do not have an account and/or have agreed to Facebook terms. That as we all know is a GDPR no-no. I am eagerly awaiting the end of this month to unblock the "not uninstallable" factory f***book app on my phone for 5 minutes and capture its data profile. If it will be what I would expect it to be the Minuteman will start a final countdown for a 4% Turnover GDPR nuclear strike.

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