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IPv6 growth is slowing and no one knows why. Let's see if El Reg can address what's going on

Frumious Bandersnatch Silver badge

Why should they; nobody wants, needs or uses IPv6.

Well, I'll answer the wants/needs part of that. Say you're stuck with a bog-standard "home" level broadband connection. You're stuck behind a NAT along with quite a few other home users. You decide that you want to put an FTP service up so that your aunts can see all the old photos that you've been digitising. Or some other such service (like email) that you want to self-host. You go to your ISP and ask them to open up a certain port and forward it to the right machine in your DMZ. What do they say? They say "sod off", followed by "unless you upgrade to a business package"...

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