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Re: Not an issue if you already have an ipv4 address

There are indeed some simple issues with IPv6 such as they're difficult to deal with in the same simple manner as we've gotten used to with IPv4. But there are other problems for the end user. Because of the current state of adoption and sometimes broken implementation, IPv6 can cause troubles.

My ISP doesn't offer IPv6 so I need to use a tunnel, which in my case will mean that I'll be seen as coming from the US instead of Canada. That means that some Canadian shows will not let me watch unless I turn off IPv6. Note that Firefox defaults to IPv6 for sites where it is available - which also makes some misconfigured sites not load when they otherwise would. This sort of thing just makes me say, the *ell with it. I'll wait until this all gets sorted out. I'm probably not the only one who's starting to develop that attitude. If so, then we can indeed expect a downswing in IPv6 usage at this point.

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