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It's doubly hard in the UK; the market is going backwards

Its only Fanbois (not just Apple) that would think this, once Joe Blogs and Co figures they can have high-quality products for a lot less, then brand loyalty goes out of the window.

Given the price point that Xiaomi sell at and the breadth of products they have, they could own the whole European market. For example

1) Their "Flagship" phones cost 50% less than Samsung (Comparing Mi Mix 2S to Galaxy 9S),

2) They have a massive eco-system of home-automation products, which are inter-operable will nearly every system out there (as they use Zigbee), these devices sell at 60-80% less than Samsung, Fibaro, Belkin and Philips (Ironically .. The Xiaomi Lights are actually made by Phlips, but rebranded for the Chinese market and cost upto 50% less)

I won't deny I'm a huge fan of Xiaomi.. I'm personally waiting for the Mi Max 3..

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