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"Still bubbles of universes forming out of existing universes nearly infinitely is mighty tempting and doesn't require ours to be unique in any way."

"Nearly infinitely" makes no sense. It's either finite or infinite. The gap between N (where N is a "nearly infinite" value and infinity is the same as the gap between 1 and infinity. Which, in both cases is infinity.

If this bubble of universes is infinite, than you're basically saying it's turtles all the way down.

If this bubble of universes is finite, then there must be a start at some point, where you can't call on a previous universe as the progenitor. Thus you're really just doing a time-reversed version of kicking the can down the road in explaining the origins of existence. At some stage you have to stop relying on "so, there was one before and..." and actually explain things.

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