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Many years ago, I ran a company that was wound up more than the statutory retention date for Companies House registration ago, so it is now no longer listed on the current register. On it, at one time, I had a telephone number which was for a dedicated line for the company (and only had a answering machine on it), but which only differed by one digit from the telephone number for my house.

It did have the address of my house, however.

I have in the period of time that the company been non-existant, received telephone calls from people looking for a local PC repairer (something that my company never did, it was listed as a "Computer Services Company, but which Companies House themselves merged categories some time ago).

I tracked down the issue to one of the companies that offers Companies House lookup information on the Internet, which had not only not noticed that the company was no longer trading (nor when it was deleted), but had 'corrected' the telephone number to my home number.

I went through their complaints and corrections process, but last time I checked, the information was still being offered.

If GDPR gives me some means of finally removing this information, then I will be very glad, although I do think that some of the GDPR regulation (particularly about correcting all archived and backup copies of data) are effectively unworkable within the statutory retention period of UK financial regulations, amongst others.

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