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In Oz, I have recently starting to see two new signs: One showing someone standing upright on the seat facing the cistern with a red cross against the picture - The other is similar, but has the person standing on the seat squatting and facing away from the cistern, again with a red cross. I am hoping to see additional signs to reinforce these with a male gendered person sign standing in front of the bowl with a relevant stream, and another with a person sitting directly on the seat facing forward - Both with a green tick by them.

Facilities with these signs also tend to have a colour chart by the cistern: Ranging from water-white with a suggestion that you might be drinking too much fluid, through the normal healthy ranges of urine-yellow, then to dark-brown with the suggestion that you should drink some water immediately, and the last colour a very dark-red/brown with a suggestion that you seek medical help.

Fortunately, I have no idea what similar signs in the female gendered facilities might look like.

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