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" incredibly fast charging means much larger input power source"

Yes, but.... The main thing is that faster charging doesn't result in overheated batteries and increasing parasitic losses.

Which in turn means that things like regenerative braking can be made more efficient (especially on heavy vehciles) and you don't need to add in extra stuff like supercapacitors to act as buffers between the batteries and the source/load, which in turn makes the control electronics simpler/cheaper/lighter _and_ means improvements in efficiency/range along with sale price (supercaps have less than 10% the energy density of batteries, which in turn have less than 10% that of gasoline/diesel)

The question about all these technologies isn't the patent fees, but "how much do they cost to make?" and "how well can they handle an automotive temperature environment?". Some of the most promising Lithium tech (10,000 cycles @ 2% degradation, etc) is formulated around olivine (one of the most common minerals on the planet) but hasn't come to commercial use yet - tellingly noone's talking about charge/discharge rates on that one and it could be these amazingly resiliant batteries are useless for transportation because they can't provide the necessary instantaneous currents.

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