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1.5m Brits pay too much for mobile and crappy broadband – Ofcom

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I pay £14 a month to Sky for broadband and even that's expensive since it recently dropped from 3MB to 2.5MB ( which should be reclassified as near-dial-up ), but it is truly unlimited. I could pay double and get fibre ( if it's available; no-one really can say definitely without coming out on a charged visit ).

Yet then ! It's barely noticed that of late fibre providers have been offering 2 levels, one of up to 30GB for BT at £25 ( £35 later ); and unlimited at £42 ( £56 later ). I am not saying BT is greedy.

But if I paid £10 more for the 1st my downloading would be cut to 30GB, which takes me about 40 hours right now. Then they would surplus charge. Furthermore, there's not a lot of point in a far better speed that uses up one's monthly cap in a few hours...

So I would have to go for the 2nd for unlimited ( which I already have ); and that would cost me for the first 18 months exactly 3 times as much. I'm not saying Ofcom are talking out of their hats.

I'd just be grateful if providers charged me a little more and gave about 10MB ASDL in this day and age, since they promise 'up to' 17MB.

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