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it still is an issue in the UK the google pixel phone for 4G calling (VoLTE) for example only works on EE as the 4G IMS profile is backed into the rom for EE but Three and, o2 vodafone dont have 4G calling resulting in unreliable connecting of calls as the phone has to drop to 3G before it can ring,, witch sometimes fails to happen, on 3 its worse as 3 does not support missed call notification text so you be unaware your missing calls unless you use hullomail app which works like apple visual voicemail (you get a missed call notification if they hang up or voicemail which can be played directly in the app), most Virtual mobile providers don't support missed call text (for sure EE vodafone and O2 do)

on top of that it also seems 3UK does Fake ringing before it's actually connected the call (had one day where all 3UK calls was not working outbound but when i rang it on my EE phone it was doing the ringing tone but the 3 phone was not ringing)

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