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Want to know what an organisation is really like? Visit the restroom

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there are full color prints everywhere including the restrooms. They read...


The only difference between a good day and a bad day"

I say, that's some nice bull unicorn shit. That is so ******* made-up, I don't want to inadvertently dignify it by implying it came out the back of a real animal. It's basically an invitation / reminder to lie to myself about what facts or events might be unpleasant, and/or how how much they really matter-- as if that solves anything. Well, gee, how could things go wrong... what if I decide to just cold-turkey-quit wiping my ass? I would very probably be having 'bad days' until further notice, regardless of my 'attitude'. sigh. single contradicting case, etc etc. It would be Slightly Less Horrible™ if they even said 'the most important thing' but they said 'only', which is way too strong a word to be true.

I am still a bit tempted to put this up in there, just to maybe stand up for something meaningful and uncover my attitude.

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