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"the only reasonable alternative for registrars in europe is to turn off WHOIS - cut the data feed or replace the data with dummy lines saying "Removed due to GDPR"."

No need. My domain's whois entry does give my name but gives Registrant type as "UK Individual" and presumably will also replace my name with something like that in a few days time. For address it says "The registrant is a non-trading individual who has opted to have their address omitted from the WHOIS service."

The TLD owner, Nominet, is quite OK with this. The Data validation field says "Nominet was able to match the registrant's name and address against a 3rd party data source". It's been like that for years.

Other European TLDs can presumably adopt similar policies if they already haven't. I'd expect the US registrars to do so for European clients; their big problem would be with clients who have moved to Europe from elsewhere but not let the registrar know.

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