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I'm sure we would be getting better deals and better coverage if we had one common well built cellular network, which the operators shared and competed over.

Between my dual-SIM phone and my emergency backup phone, I have Three (3G and 4G but no 2G because Three don't do 2G), EE 2G and O2 2G. From wandering around with a cell mapping app, I have found a big lattice mast which handles Three 3G and 4G and EE 2G. I have found a (real) telephone with two arrays of flat antennas which handles EE 2G. I've also visually spotted a couple of arrays of flat antennas on metal poles attached to (fairly low) buildings but have no idea what they're for.

Here's the interesting thing. There are occasional outages which kill both Three and EE. They are sharing the big mast, true, but it also kills EE from the telephone pole (which is just around the corner from me). So those outages must be from a common data link. I've had four of those outages in the last 18 months, and every time they kill both Three and EE. O2 carries on working.

Although there are cost benefits to a common infrastructure (until the mobile version of Aquiva realizes it has a monopoly) and the possibility of sharing the costs of construction giving better coverage, the big disadvantage is single point of failure.

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