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Want to know what an organisation is really like? Visit the restroom

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Anonymous Coward

I've been to a few IT departments frequented by south Asians where there have been signs in the cubicles telling people not to stand on the seat.

If you ever have the misfortune of using a train in India, there is a squat toilet and a "western" toilet. The latter is a de-facto squat toilet and the seat is usually covered in shit, as is the floor of the squat toilet. Strangely nobody has cottoned onto the fact that sitting down on a moving train riding across poorly maintained rails might improve your aim.

And on that subject I remember a flight to the US once where an elderly gentleman from that part of the world decided he needed to use the toilet as we were coming into land. Not only did he need a #2, but he squatted on the toilet, with the door open and his head sticking out into the corridor. Luckily that's all we could actually see. A stewardess ran across and managed to convince him to sit down and close the door. He stayed there as the plane landed and then came out, cool as anything, as if nothing had happened.

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