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The question would be then are they ignoring these new designs or are they buying the patents and burying them?

I suspect neither. As noted in the OP, we get announcements every week about wonderful new battery technology. But most of them would require investment of billions to get them into large scale commercial use - not a problem if you know you can make tens of billions of the next decade or two. But sods law says that six months after you start building the factory someone else will come up with another even better brilliant idea, and will start building their factory etc ad infinitum.

The problem is there are *too many* great new ideas, all competing with each other, and generally all relying on private investment to make them commercial. Who will invest a couple of billion when they can make more money betting on pork futures or tech-bubble companies? It's only when you get someone super-rich who is willing to throw money at a battery factory (Tesla?) that things ever happen.

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