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Where does this so called writer of this article get his information from? Skype has been integrated in the last Windows 10 mobile release (April) to the Messenger Application, it does connect to Skype For Business services so in that respect there is no need for a separate application.

As for Android, Google have released Certified for Android For Enterprise which means any manufacturer releasing certified handsets have to patch minimum of 90 days, some (Including Nokia) are doing monthly updates, with minimum spec of 32gb Storage, 3gb RAM and must use Android One (Which means no bloatware and no Airtime provider software forced upon handsets), so I would say Android has matured.

Nokia, LG, Huwai and LG are certified Android For Enterprise although Samsung are not because they won't commit to more than two years updates on their handsets (Google want 3) and also won't support Zero Touch as they want everyone to use and register with Knox. I'm sure they'll backtrack.

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