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I shopped around when I moved into a new flat.

Then the flat management agency pushed me back to their original meter provider because they do that for all new tenants as they take possession, but I "could just change it back".

To be honest, the faffing about wasn't worth it. There's literally pence in it and it's not worth my time on the phone to cover that difference.

I don't know about anyone else, but my hourly rate is more than I would save on any number of comparison sites (I know, I ran it and though not "the cheapest", the rest came with caveats, long contracts, was only an introductory deal or involved lots of hassle switching everything else).

And that's when I'm *WORKING*. My free time costs a lot more.

Though I am a CHAMPION complainer when it comes to it, just as a hobby if nothing else, I think I'm one of the few people who works out what it would cost me and realises that the hour spent moving things (even if it all goes perfectly) just isn't worth the saving and risk of something going wrong / costing me more / etc. in the grand scheme of things.

Same for current accounts, car insurance, etc. etc. Once a year (when I get an annual statement or renewal notice), I click around and compare on the bigger sites. If the difference is more than £50 a year, it might be worth looking into it. Anything less just isn't worth the bother if I've had satisfactory service. If the saving is significantly more, however, I'm the first to just ditch a company I've been with forever, if nothing else than to inform them that my loyalty only extends so far - when I'm being given a duff deal, I will move.

There's also a big difference between "cost" and "value". I could save a fortune if I moved to TalkTalk's cheapest tariff. I imagine that would be the worst possible thing I could do. (Again, the time and effort spent working around the problems that would cause isn't worth the monthly saving).

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