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Richard Lloyd

Most 'small' Linux distros seems to be a wasted effort

At this moment in time, Distrowatch is listing 308 Linux distros, which is at least 300 too many in my books. A vast majority them will basically be forks from one of the big distros, which is a pointless exercise in my books. Why not contribute to one of the big distros directly instead?

Small distros might be fun to spin up in a VM to see what they offer differently from the big distros, but I'd never use them as my primary OS. Big distros often have "spins" now which are usually aimed at providing different desktop environments (e.g. MATE) or are sometimes based on a particular category of usage (e.g. gaming, multimedia etc.). Those spins are surely enough to scratch the itch of the developers creating these little-used smaller distros? If a spin doesn't exist for a major distro (e.g. a systemd-less Fedora anyone?), why propose one to the (Fedora) team rather than creating an unofficial fork hardly anyone would use?

Another related issue to this crazy proliferation of distros is the myriad of packaging formats, which drives me bonkers - it even exists between the major distros (e.g. deb vs. RPM being the biggest annoyance).

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