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Blackberry and GM have given up on the service for older Blackberry phones using OS 10. sideloading Android apps allowed users to keep services like GM Mylink service. Why ? because Google and Blackberry each have a direction they are moving in. Google to track users for it's ability to send marketing info to phones and sell data to marketing companies. Older Android levels have been blocked by Google. Blackberry? They think they will sell software and keep companies using their services. Sorry , the company I work for has thousands of OS10 blackberry phones and the comment from internal support is they will move to Apple. this will also cause serious consideration before using any blackberry software regardless of the statement by blackberry on how great they are .

also based on posts from other google users the reason for the Google block is blackberry has really decided to NOT support further up grades to OS 10 Android levels. SO if Blackberry fails to keep pace why would anyone stay if none of the new or current apps will work s is the case with OnStar.

Wake up blackberry. Just because you state support for older OS 10 until 2020 your not fooling users.

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