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Fool me ... umm, how many times is it now?

Tony Abbot, September 7, 2013: "I want our NBN rolled out within three years and Malcolm Turnbull is the right person to make this happen."

AFR, July 3, 2015: "The 2016 commitment was jettisoned when the Government released its strategic review. Speaking on 7:30 the Minister's excuse was that: "And the fact is that the NBN Co is a much bigger mess than even we had thought it is. We have got to stop the spin. We've got to start telling the truth and have some numbers and forecasts."

Yet in reality the review had found NBN Co in better shape than the Coalition policy assumed, with its worst case scenario falling more than $20 billion short of the April headlines.

Undeterred the Prime Minister in June said: "By the end of the decade, that everyone will have access to, I think, it's 50 megs download speed, or better. So, this is the commitment that we have made and this is the commitment that we will keep."

Unfortunately NBN Co is only guaranteeing minimum speeds of 25Mbps on fibre to the neighbourhood (or node) (FTTN) ..."

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