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A similar tale that's full of --it

A man won the lottery to the tune of $125 MEEEEELL-LION. Like most, he quit his job forthwith. He then proceeded to contract a certain company to dump $200,000+ worth of manure on his former boss' lawn while he watched from across the street, laughing to beat the band.

Of course, the dump trucks woke up the ex-boss, who naturally called the police. By the time the cops got there, half the trucks (I can't remember how many) had spread their load. The "winner" readily admitted to the dirty deed -- payback for taking this guy's $h!t for so many years -- paid his bail, and confessed he had many more similar stunts in store for others.

We'll see if his lottery gains can cover not just the pranks but also the subsequent bail bonds and civil lawsuits... or if all this revenge leaves him up S--- Creek.

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