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Ode to Gentoo

I keep coming back to it. There are always new and shiny tools in the other distros. At times less frustration as well. I keep returning to Gentoo though. The main reason is control. Gentoo gives me a lot, just not always the way the I want it.

If it weren't for things like internal politics and package maintainers going AWOL, or the seasonal breaking of a package that my system depends on forcing me to change how I do things until next season, or the "I filed a bug report and someone wrote a patch to fix it so it'll only take 60 days to get it into Portage"...Well, if you have used it, you know what I mean.

Control though. That is a wonderful thing. Don't want CUPS on your system? Then edit /portage/make.conf and add USE="-cups". You need just one package to use CUPS? Then create /etc/portage/package.use/foobar.conf and add "foo/bar cups". I do love me some control.

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