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Open Source monetary contributions

This is an interesting subject and not limited to Linux in general nor Linux distributions.

There are a lot of heavily used and de-facto standard open source libraries and tools on Github that rely on the continued benevolence of a handful, sometimes even just one, persons with no source of income.

How do these projects gain revenue? Some developers put up donation links, some use Flattr (ugh) or Patreon but really, how much revenue do these things bring in? If there are numbers on these things would love to see them - there does not seem to be much information out there.

Clearly for any successful open source project, in general, to continue it has to have some source of revenue once it goes from being just a proof of concept or a hobby project to something included in distributions, heavily used as a de-facto third party provided library, or a frequently used tool.

Too many projects have been abandoned with no alternatives due to the one developer losing interest or no longer having the spare time to spend on it. Other than selling out to some corporation, which usually does not end well (hello there Graphite project), what options are there?

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