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@Adam 52 - It's not a 98% false positive rate, but it isn't a useful result either.

The problem is, we have no idea how many people in those hundreds of thousand were in the "wanted" database. It's sort of infeasible to find out, I suppose you could ask everyone there, "Are you wanted by the Police?", but there's the possibility someone might lie.

However, big crowds attract pickpockets, and at least some of the pickpockets would be in the "wanted" database, so it's safe to say there were some people in the crowd the Police would like to find. The facial recognition found NONE of those people, but it did cause 94 interviews with entirely innocent people, and one with a person no longer of interest. This was a waste of Police time, those officers could have been looking around for people sneaking wallets out of pockets and bags instead.

Cancel the facial recognition system, and charge its developers with Wasting Police Time.

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