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Zero arrests, 2 correct matches, no criminals: London cops' facial recog tech slammed


Modern Policing

I'm just waking up so I might be misreading, but:

"If an incorrect match has been made, officers will explain to the individual what has happened and invite them to see the equipment along with providing them with a Fair Processing Notice.”

If fifteen arrests at the football represented 0.005% of matches, that means police were giving an explanation, a Fair Processing Notice, and the (oh so tempting) offer of a guided tour around the equipment ("There's the camera that recorded you doing nothing wrong, and this is the laptop that passed your photo to a central server, where our highly advanced software matched your face with that of a completely different person. No sir, I'm afraid you can't see who that is for legal reasons, but I will say she's a looker.") to two thousand, nine hundred and eighty five pissed-up football fans.

Can someone arrest the system (and/or its devs, and/or the numpties who commissioned it) for wasting police time?

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