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"I understood that in his highly unfortunate case the failed identification was by wetware without any cross checking by machine or face ID to verify the details, so was this a relevant reference?"

Actually, yes.

A mechanism that provides more opportunities for the wetware to fail, while setting up a bias in the estimation of risk, will lead to deaths.

You get the same problem in a slightly different form when the police are called to an address and the automated check turns up the fact that there are firearms registered to that address. Then the police go to the wrong address, and being nervous, shoot and kill the person who answers the door. It happens.

The interesting thing is that the firearms database does not actually make it safer for anyone, as real criminals do not register their illegal guns.

This is an excuse for arbitrary and biased policing, and fails the same way airport security fails, by substituting inaccurate processes for trained observation and judgment. Compare North American airline security with Israeli airline security... one is rote security theater, the other actually works.*

* North American airline security also works, because the purpose is to make passengers feel safe rather than being effective security.

PS. I can think of at least two airliners lost with all aboard because of anti-hijacking security measures. Getting security right is not easy or obvious.

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