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Hype hype hype

This just strikes me as the usual modern-day hype and bright-idea-ing by some ivory tower "strategic thinker". Mark my words - this will never happen in the timescale suggested. Eventually, it might but in the end it will require money, lots of it, and not just for the kit, but also for the meeelions of extra OR/whoever staff they'll need to deploy it all. Where's that money going to come from? And this from a company that is just sacking several thousand employees (OK, not the same skills but the guys at the sharp end need decent backroom and admin staff too). And this is before they start on thinking about what they'll do with us rural bods. Yes, I have copper so according to one post: "Technically, nobody in range for copper should be out of range for fibre. The physics just don't support that." Yebbut, physics and OR and costs and real-world speeds don't always tie up. I can get ADSL at ~ 3Mbps but am too far away from the cab for VDSL which drops off speed per 100 metres a lot faster than ADSL. I would dearly love this to work out as it'd mean I get a decent broadband service too, but I ain't holdin' my breath

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