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Every OS sucks..

I started Linuxing in the 90s - my first distro was, as was common at that time, Red Hat 5.1,

I'd not too long moved away from my extensive BBC Computer system (retro huh) and moved over to IBM-PC clones. after a few years of playing catch-up and deciding that Windows was crap even then - before switching to NT - it didn't cut the mustard or i thought, and i thought the OS was er, boring. Red Hat was cool.. though i even tried to like Solaris and OS/2 back then, but nothing was as exciting as Linux. I ended up compiling stuff & took great delight and pride in tuning my OS to my needs, and it was ok. The next few years i continued swapping between Win & Linux to get things done and saw Linux maturing and Windows bloating.

I ditched Windows completely (apart from occasional radio programming and music production use) back in the early 2000s and went Linux only. I was happy enough, especially that i wasn't tied down into the sorry Windows world that i saw, as i kept all my friends & families PCs maintained and running for those years as well, which made me doubly happy i was out of that rat race.

New hardware was bought and things subtly started to change, i bought the most expensive, huge laptop i could, and Linuxed it. the expensive laptop went away 3 times in the first 6 months for new keyboards, which were, i discoverd, just cheap black, plastic crap that most laptop keyboards had., but i digress... i had several different laptops, and was never happy with the dreadful power management and the overheating with Linux installed on them.

It ended up as Linux distros got more bloated that most distro's wouldn't actually install onto these laptops as the conked-out during install due to overheating, so the only way was to install the distro with the laptop on it's side and a powerful mains powered house fan blowing it's forced air into the bottom of the laptop to avoid overheating - so i could successfully get the distro installed as, strangely, Linux was much less prone to overheating the laptop once the distro was properly installed to the HD, then i would screw around with the desktop's limited power management tweaks and would end up trying several kernels and eventually building my own.. yes, that was a huge pain in the ass, but i learnt a lot having to do this.

Once i overcame that pretty important hurdle, Linux distros started cramming their desktops with dozens of background services i didn't want or need, worse still, many of these packages couldn't be uninstalled as they were complied against some needed dependencies, so i just made what troublesome trash that i could into non-executable, then disabled daemons and modules, and scripts and got somewhere that was ok i guess, even fully deleted system apps and edited scripts and a lot of general pissing around to get a decent laptop OS going with no bloatware. It became too much.

Not even going to mention the Pulseaudio debacle - it was broken as shipped, un-intuitive, and shipped on almost all distro's before being declared fit for purpose.. Quality control went down further. Yes i tried submitting long & detailed and honest reports and entered into several dialogues, but i was ignored, as the dev's know better and already have their roadmap.

I tried a few hackintosh's, i didn't initially care for OS X as i knew nothing much about it, and had only heard what the haters said, until i found that it ran way better than Linux on my hardware, even after the messing about trying to shoe-horn it on the hardware, it was *still* less pissing about than cleaning up & de-bloating a newly installed linux distro. and i could also transfer most of my music work (I'm a musician) to OS X and i ended up totally jumping ship totally from Linux to Mac OS X and it seemed okay too, It wasn't Windows (but could dual boot it if needed) and it wasn't Linux - a disjointed, hairy mess with poor power management and other flaky hardware support, When new hardware time came around again i bought 2 (cheap & old) iMac aluminiums & a (old) Macbook for travelling & went through a couple of (not new) Macbook Pro upgrades and i can run any OS on them, though Linux and BSD hardware support still sucks on them - i mean it works, but even on older Mac's (which remember, still has pretty generic PC hardware inside) Linux cant do power management properly, the damn screen *still* goes dark as some kernel level PM event kicks in and completely ignores the (whichever) desktop's system settings PM controls.. even ignoring xset - s off and that kind of stuff, so i kissed goodbye to linux, they cant get this basic stuff right yet in 2018, bloatware and desktop search and other unneeded, unwanted daemons and services are slurping CPU and RAM still and still no way to uninstall these properly or cleanly, it's a nightmare.

Mac OS is now dreadful - Apple always *nearly* got things right, but often infuriatingly close, but still wrong... Mac OS too is now a unreliable, data-slurping dumbed-down privacy and bloated UI and security mess - Apple thinks hiding OS features is a good thing.. while at the same time slimming down their hardware until it's a too-skinny-to-be-strong, port-less, glued-in mess too.

I think I've covered Linux already :) as they've lost the plot too, i mean, what kind of distro decides to hide features inherent in every desktop OS up until i guess,several years ago, then screws the UI and UX up, hides discoverability and expects users to bring a bash terminal up to do basic things - then has the insanity to say it's new user focussed - WTF ? are they expecting new users to know what a terminal is, where to find it, what command to type to start their desktop apps ?

Linux fail.

I hate Android and IOS too, they're dumbed-down consumer OS with total abstraction from the OS.

What this thread is about is Windows 10. You already knowwhat i think of recent Mac OS and the last decade of Linux failure, so i'll leave it up to you to decide what i think of Win 10.

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