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Citrix snuffs Xen and NetScaler brands


Correct. Deploying a terminal services (Remote Desktop Services) where users use a Server OS as a desktop in a multi-user scenario really pushes the typical server admin beyond their comfort zone. It requires a special understanding or the registry, file system and group policies. Then it got more complicated, we had to deal with profiles, then we virtualized it, then we introduced PVS into the picture, then came app layering and so on. Dont forget your web interface or Storefront, then NetScaler. Toss in Security for HIPPA, PPI, etc. Then you have to concern your self with Hardware and storage optimization. But wait, there's more, there's the whole VDI desktop option. Did I forget to mention that its ALWAYS your fault when something does not work right in a virtual desktop, due to LDAP, DNS, Exchange, File Services or the morons in the networking department who are of the mindset that their shiat don't stink.

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