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IT was a small thing but one of the prouder moments of my professional career.

Invited to a tender presentation of a HR that would have carried out occupational health referrals; the sales person duly went through 20 slides outlining the process of how it would work.

30min into this slide she goes through this screen, "and if you enter 'X' the whole process stops because the person won't be delegable".

For some reason my brain worked and I wa able to ask "So you go through 30min and 25 stages to get to this one screen where the process could just end? Why no ask that first and save the 30min?".

I will treasure the salespersons face and inability to answer the question forever.

and we bought another product which incidentally also has a shite interface.

In fact some things we have to use I wonder if the developers are in fact blind or actually bother to try to use the abominations they build. the interfaces, I can only guess, have been cobbled together to cause the least work possible for the developer even if they are completely counter-intuitive.

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